Our Team

At Sunview Custom Cabinetry we strive to create an atmosphere that is both professional and relaxed, and aim to surround ourselves with co-workers who are passionate and dedicated, but also fun to spend time with. We employ a staff of experienced tradespeople, including young people wishing to become involved in the trade and build their experience through mentorship. The staff we have chosen and those who have chosen to build their careers with us embody our company’s culture and general outlook. Our staff members are glad to go home at the end of a satisfying day, but more importantly they are eager to come to work the next morning to work at a profession that they can be proud of. We’re honoured to be part of a vibrant local cabinetmaking community and proudly support the Alberta Cabinetmaking Apprenticeship Program.

Maclean’s Magazine reports on the importance of skilled trades development in Canada and features team member, Joel Michaud. Read about it here.

Meet the key members of our team:

Sunview employees having a laugh
Mani Gionet, Owner

Mani and Erin Gionet, Owners

Mani and Erin Gionet have been the owners of Sunview Custom Cabinetry since 2006, incorporating their vision of a work/life relationship to create a business environment in which their employees can succeed and excel. Mani’s 20+ years of experience in cabinetmaking is complemented by Erin’s business and human resource skills, making for a passionate and distinctive approach to serving the Calgary home construction market. Their lead guides the rest of the Sunview team in an effort to offer unparalleled performance in quality and service to our wide and varied range of clientele.

Rob Firminger, Operations Manager
Rob Firminger, Operations Manager

Rob Firminger, Operations Manager

Throughout his 30 years of trade experience, Rob Firminger has learned from all levels of production, sales, and management in the Calgary cabinet making industry. As our Operations Manager, Rob monitors and fosters the relationships between our sales, production, and finance departments to ensure the Sunview team has everything it requires to provide exceptional quality and deliver remarkable service to our clients.

Keith Bayly, Production Manager

Keith Bayly, Production Manager

Keith Bayly is a 25-year veteran carpenter and cabinetmaker in the local home construction industry. His wealth of experience gives him the skills needed to identify and deal with issues that may arise when transitioning from the design stage through to manufacturing and work on the jobsite. As Production Manager, Keith’s experience is responsible for the smooth flow of our product from start to finish, which is a key factor in delivering our unique blend of quality and service.